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Zaleski considers bids for water line repairs

September 20, 2011

By Paul McManis

Commoner Journal Staff Writer

ZALESKI — Bids have been received and officials agree there is a promising forecast ahead for the water line repair project slated to begin on the west side of the village of Zaleski in the coming months.

Three bids were received and opened by the Vinton County Commissioners Monday. Village officials are now reviewing the bids and a decision should be made by Monday as to which contractor the project will be awarded to.

The apparent low bidder for the project was TAM Construction, who offered a base bid of $66,706.80 and an alternate bid in the amount of $10,176.60. Other bids were made by Darby Creek Excavating, Inc. for a base bid of $99,960.65 with an alternate bid of $9,397.85 and Dixon Enterprises, LLC. with a base bid of $96,905.37 and an alternate bid of $7,054.78.

The bid given by TAM Construction was the only bid to fall under the engineer’s estimate, which was priced at $94,500.

Project engineer Gary Silcott said he was pleased with the bids and if everything works out in talks with the construction companies this week, the project should be awarded on Monday. He said hopes are that the bid will be awarded and construction can begin soon enough for the project to be under way before winter.

“We’ll probably award this next Monday, and hopefully it will be done before winter,” Silcott said.

Silcott said about a third of the pipes in the village will be replaced when the work is completed. If the alternate bids are approved, the village could also see a section of lines replaced on John Street.

Zaleski Mayor Doug Heitman said he is glad the project is nearing a starting point. He said his village has struggled with the damaged lines for some time and he is ready for the village to fix the problem and begin to recover some of the lost money that has been lost through the leaks, labor and replacement of the old lines.

“It’s in desperate need,” Heitman said. “All in all we are very pleased that it’s moving forward.”

Heitman said the village has been blessed to have Silcott as the engineer and consultant working on the project. He said Silcott has a good track record of working with villages to produce results. He said he trusts that Silcott will make the right decision when he considers the bids.

“We leave these things to him because he is the one with expertise,” Heitman said. “Everything he has handled has gone very well for us.”

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