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Sojourners puts Vinton, Hocking, Ross counties to work

October 24, 2011

More than 60 people showed up Monday to work as part of the National Emergency Grant program given to Sojourners.

McARTHUR — With ages ranging from 18 up into the 60s, more than 60 workers showed up for work in McArthur for the Sojourners National Emergency Grant Program Monday.

The program, which is currently available to Vinton, Hocking and Ross counties, is in the first stage of a hiring program that will send unemployed workers back to work and allow them to work a maximum of 1,040 hours, making about $12,000 per person. When that time runs out for these workers, a second wave of workers, who are currently on a waiting list, will be brought in to work as well.

The grant was made available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency and was granted to the Sojourners organization of McArthur to clean up the damage left behind from the 2010 flooding that devastated the region.

“The most exiting thing is putting all these people to work,” said Joy Dickerson, recruitment coordinator for the program. “I’m tickled to be a part of it.”

Dickerson said the program was offered because of the flood damage, but that isn’t the emergency that brought about the need for the workers who were offered a job.

“The real emergency is an employment emergency. FEMA has been able to use this natural emergency to address this employment emergency,” she said.

Dickerson said about 10 people are currently on a waiting list in each of the three counties to begin the next wave of hiring. She said unemployed workers can still call to be put on the waiting list if they are interested in working through the program. Anyone interested in applying to work can contact Dickerson at 740-591-6279.

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  1. October 24, 2011 11:47 am

    It is really nice to see so many in our county with a chance to work! Thank you Sojourners for providing a way. Hope all of these people can maintain.

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