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Meet Our Intern: OU student brings fresh insight to Vinton County

February 25, 2012

Ohio University student Megan Exline says she is looking forward to covering Vinton County for The Commoner Journal.

My name is Megan Exline and I am from Glouster. I graduated as Salutatorian from Trimble Local High School in 2009. I am a current junior majoring in Journalism in the online sequence at Ohio University and I am specializing in World Religions. I plan on declaring a minor in World Religions.

I chose to be journalism major because I really love to write and am curious about people, places and events.

I am naturally interested in Vinton County because I grew up and currently attend college so close to it. I remember running at track meets there every year. I was in the two mile, so I probably ran at least 32 laps around the track. You won’t remember me from the races, though, because I was normally close to last. My senior year, I also raced on the cross country course.

Another experience I have had in Vinton County occurred during the summer after my freshman year at OU. Some of my friends wanted to jump off the bridge somewhere between Albany and McArthur (I think it’s called Green Bridge), but I didn’t want to because I’m afraid of heights and I don’t particularly like water. My friend asked me to hold his phone because he didn’t think it was safe enough on the side of the road. He didn’t anticipate me talking with my hands and flinging it into the water, but that’s what happened. We never found it, but thanks to me, he upgraded from a floral pink phone to a Droid. That is still one of my favorite memories.

Other important facts about me are: I have a twin sister, love animals and think the word chaos is spelled funny.

I cannot wait to get to know this county and its people through The Commoner Journal. I hope that I bring adequate news of your community to you. I want to communicate to you news that isn’t negatively spun, but instead tells the true stories of the people in the community from an unbiased lens. I hope I bring something fresh and interesting to your day, because I think that is what news is supposed to be about. If it turns out to be about unicorns or coffee tables, perhaps I’ll switch majors. Then again, a unicorn would be news, so I’d be OK with that — just let me know if you spot one!

In the time that I intern here, I hope to tell your stories, share in your lives and become an expert of the county and community. I wish to know the hopes of the sports teams, the places people go to have fun, the issues that you all care about, and (as a coffee addict) where the best coffee shop in town is located. Please consider me a student and teach me what your experiences have taught you about this place.

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  1. February 25, 2012 2:26 pm

    Welcome. I hope things go well for you in Vinton County.

  2. Barry permalink
    February 26, 2012 8:44 am

    Welcome to Vinton county hope you have fun thats the major thing and meet some great people good luck

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