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Energy companies look to lease land in area counties

May 19, 2012

Public Service Announcement from Rural Action

There is renewed interest by energy companies to lease property in Athens, Vinton, Meigs, Perry, Morgan, and Washington counties.

Claims are being made via newspaper and radio outlets that landowners could receive up to $5,700 per acre if they sign an oil and gas lease.

Landowners are encouraged to Look Before they Lease with any energy company. Landowners can call Susi at (740) 767-4938 for more information about a landowner toolkit that will help them understand important information that should be included in a lease. It is important to fully understand all information contained in any lease provided by an oil and gas producer, attorney, or 3rd party before signing.

Look Before You Lease has worked with an oil and gas law firm in Ohio to create a sample landowner friendly lease that can be used as a starting point to help understand terms and provisions included in oil and gas leases that should be included to help protect their families interests.

Landowners should not sign any lease without first working with a qualified oil and gas attorney and should understand all financial implications of entering into an oil and gas lease.

Visit for more information or call (740) 767-4938.

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