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Keep your eyes on the cards, don’t be tricked

May 22, 2012

I am no master magician. I’m not even good at card tricks or anything, but the other day I was trying to show some simple tricks to my children on the living room floor of my house.  The first trick I showed them impressed them so much they asked me to do it again. I think one of the first rules of magic is to never show your audience the same trick twice, but these were my children, so of course I showed them again.  This time, they were more distracted. They were so distracted, in fact, that I was able to remove a card from the deck and slip it into my back pocket without them even noticing. The move was supposed to add to the effect of the trick. You know a good magician by his ability to distract his audience from the trick when it is being performed. It didn’t matter, though. They weren’t paying attention this time. They lost interest before I could even pride myself with my ability to dazzle them. The magic was gone and without their attention, there was no use in finishing the trick. I did go ahead and finish it, but they didn’t show even a hint of surprise. I let the kids go on their way after that. I felt like they had missed something they really would have enjoyed if they had only been more attentive. I can’t force them to enjoy the trick, I can only offer it for their enjoyment.

After the card trick I put the cards away. I was slightly discouraged that my trick didn’t impress as much as I thought it would have. I don’t think my kids learned anything from the experience, but after rethinking what had happened, I realized that it was me that had learned something. I had learned another valuable lesson about life.

In life, there are so many distractions that will keep us from finding the truly amazing results we could all experience if we would only focus on the cards we are dealt.  If we don’t pay attention, we will miss the point of it all. Our lack of interest in certain areas of life may inadvertently lead to our failures. The answer to the things that puzzle us the most may literally be right in front of us, only hidden by our lack of attention. I can’t help but wonder how many people have complained about how the cards have fallen in life, and so many of them, because of distractions of life, miss the wonder of the whole show. We don’t have many chances in life to get it right. Redos are not allowed. What we can do, though, is pay attention to what is dealt to us. If we focus on the cards we are given, we have a better chance to understand and a smaller chance of being tricked. You have been waiting for the right cards to fall. Maybe they have. Were you watching? Stop looking to the left and the right. Focus. Don’t be fooled by the trick. The answer may be closer than you think.

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