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Bible curriculum to be brought up again at school board meeting

May 23, 2012

The committee to include a Bible curriculum course at Vinton County High School will speak with school board officials about the inclusion of the elective during the board’s meeting at noon Thursday at the Vinton County Local Schools Administration Building.

The committee first introduced the course to the board in February, and received a quick rebuke by board member Clint Walker, who said he will “fight tenaciously” to see that the course is not added to the school’s curriculum to ensure that students are not proselytized.

The committee responded to the board with a statement that the, “Program is concerned with education rather than indoctrination of students,” and the group later asked the board to take time to understand the course before making a decision.

In March, the board did make a decision. The board read from a memorandum, which explained to the public and the committee that it would not accept the course into the school’s curriculum. It cited “Time, money, Highly Qualified status of a teacher that would be required, and lack of alignment with what must be taught as mandated in the new standards for Ohio high school students.”

The committee vowed to respond yet again, and will be given a chance to do so in Thursday’s meeting.

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