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Candidate Charles Richter speaks at Hamden Village Council meeting

June 18, 2012

By Megan Exline

Commoner Journal staff writer

Charles Richter, the Republican running for the 94th House District seat, spoke Wednesday at the Hamden Village Council meeting. (File photo)

HAMDEN – Charles Richter, the Republican candidate for state representative in the 94th House District, spoke at Hamden’s Village Council meeting Wednesday.

Richter is running against incumbent Debbie Phillips, D-Athens. The 94th House District represents Brown Twp., Clinton Twp., village of Hamden, Knox Twp., Madison Twp., Vinton Twp., Wilkesville Twp.,  village of Wilkesville and village of Zaleski.

Richter detailed his experiences and spoke about why he is running. He said he has experience in banking and was the account manager for Weston hotels and Weston suites.

“I have a degree from the Ohio State University. I just want to bring my business background and my education in economics. I did a lot of studying of government and how it works and what does or doesn’t work and I feel like there is a lot of wasteful spending,” Richter said.

Richter said he was interested in attracting businesses back into the area and into Ohio. He said he is also concerned with property tax where education is concerned.

“Another thing we need to fix is when people improve their house, they put a garage on it or do their driveway, they automatically get hit by the tax,” Richter said. “Why can’t we phase that in over a five-year period so that somebody is more willing to do a new roof or a new garage?”

Rick Verhotz, operator at the sewage plant, was also at the meeting. He and members of Council found a sewer camera online for a little more than $3,000, and wanted Council to approve ordering it, which Council did.

“We know there is a leak between two manholes, but we don’t know exactly where,” Verhotz said. “We need to have a camera in there as it is raining.”

Council said it plans to use this camera to check the sewer lines, storm sewers and culverts. Two-thirds of it will be paid for through the sewer department and one-third will be paid for though the street department.

The camera is a manual-pull camera with a rechargeable battery. Verhotz said they can put the video it records on a flash drive and show people what the leak looks like.

In other business:

  • Council approved buying a tailgate for a truck that carries sludge at the wastewater plant. They currently have boards at the end  of the truck, but when they dump it, sludge goes against the boards, causing them to get stuck, and the boards can’t be removed from the truck.
  • Council approved Vicki Patton to go to the Small Town, Big Futures conference Aug. 14 and 15 in Columbus.
  • Council discussed the employee leave policy but is saving further discussion for next month’s meeting.
  • Council was reminded that Wednesday  is the RCAP leadership training for Council members on the subject of communication.
  • Council approved the amended the acceptance of the Fire Marshal Grant.


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