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Life’s roads have many angles

June 18, 2012

I decided to be a little adventurous last weekend and take some roads that are not familiar to me. I was already out of town, so I guess I was already slightly unfamiliar with the terrain as it was, but I always find it fun to experience new places I have never been to before. It can be somewhat amazing what you find when you take roads you have never been on. You may find a beautiful place that is pleasing to your eyes. You may find something that concerns you and makes you want to turn back. You can find anything, but that is what adventure is, right? I found my trip to be exactly that. The drive I was on was interesting to say the least. It was one of those trips in which the driver sits up straight, turns down the radio and focuses more heavily on driving. The road was very narrow. It was difficult to see, when going around turns, if another vehicle was coming at us. With the road being so narrow and our vision obstructed, our adventure became a little more dangerous than anticipated.
When we were on those roads we drove with caution. We drove slow. We stayed over as far as possible and did all we could to ensure there would be no accidents. To the cars behind us, maybe we were too careful. To us, though, it was almost as if we couldn’t be careful enough. We were unfamiliar with the road. Driving safely was the only option we were willing to take.

On the way back through, we took a nearby road that ran along side of the one we had been on before. From a distance I could see that narrow road that we had been driving on and many of the turns and hills, but from this angle, I could clearly see what was coming around each bend. I watched as another car was slowly driving around the curves as I had been on before. They were driving just as slow we had been. They were being careful, too. From where I was sitting, I could see more of the road they were on than they could. It didn’t look as difficult to travel from that angle, but I could remember how cautious we had to be when we were there. It’s amazing how the road reveals itself to us all differently depending on the angle from which we view it from.

This trip helped me realize that we are all on different roads traveling at different paces and with different levels of caution. Some people can’t see the road directly ahead of them. Some can see exactly where they are heading. We can never judge another for the way they travel the road they are on. We may be able to see more of it than they can, but from where they are sitting, it may be a much more difficult road to travel. It’s easy to look at someone else and try to map out their path when we can see more of the road than they can. But when you are blinded to what’s ahead, it’s not easy to follow their instructions. I think we all should realize that we are the only ones who can travel the roads we are on. Our vision may provide insight to others, or theirs may provide insight to us, but ultimately, we drive our own road. When we do, we drive it the way we best know how. It may look to others as if we are being too cautious or not cautious enough, but none of that matters. We all view the road from different angles. We are the only ones who can decide how to appropriately drive it.

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