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Just a test…

July 17, 2012

I just received a fairly poor grade on one of my tests. It became apparent, soon after beginning the test, that I wasn’t as prepared to take it as I thought I had been. It truly is a scary feeling to know you are in the middle of a situation that you know you are being graded on and the only thing you can do is make things worse by guessing. My logic works a little differently than most people I know, so a best guess answer is not exactly the best help for me. The further I went, the more frustrated I became. I was frustrated with myself, but I was also frustrated with the person who made the test. I’m not sure anyone enjoys being tested. It is good to be prepared, but when your preparation doesn’t get you very far, the test becomes even less fun than you initially anticipated. I’m not good at tests as it is. I get very anxious and I find myself struggling to focus. When I have not adequately prepared for a test, I feel like I may as well take a zero and save myself the stress.

Life is filled with tests. We have tests that extend way beyond our school years and we will never stop facing them. I have encountered so many trials in life that have received the same simple answer from my friends: “This is just a test.” I appreciate the kind words, but really, I wasn’t thinking the same thing when I was taking my recent test. Tests get graded and bad grades can affect the rest of a person’s academic career. It’s the same thing in life. If I’m taking a test right now, I want to do well. It’s not “just” a test. This counts. I want to do my best to ensure I’ll do well in the future. Nobody wants to find themselves in the middle of a test they aren’t prepared for, knowing they will certainly be affected by it in a negative way later. This is where I am, though. It’s not only in school. It’s here in the real world, too.

All of us have been here. We feel like we might be ready for something in life, but we quickly find out we were not as prepared for it as we initially thought we were. We sit in the middle of our test, with the clock winding down, and we think to ourselves, “I wish I would have done more to prepare for this.” The fact is, many of us are not prepared. I know I’m not. So many times I feel like I’m just guessing my way through this life. I try to go with what seems best, but it’s because I’m unprepared. I know you’ve been there, too. We all end up taking tests we weren’t prepared for. The less prepared we are, the bigger the impact on our overall situation in life will be. I can’t change the grades I have received, but I can offer advice to those who will also be tested in life. Be prepared. Always do your best. Tests aren’t usually given to people who didn’t have an opportunity to find the answer first. Find the answers while you can. Don’t be like me. I wasn’t ready. Please, be ready.

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