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Cutting through the ribbon…

August 16, 2012

Within the last week I attended two ribbon-cutting ceremonies here in the county. Officials gathered first to celebrate the opening of the McArthur McDonald‘s and then, more recently, the Wilkesville Fire Station. With the small communities we have, we don’t get to see many of these ceremonies, but they always mean a lot to the people who live here. It seems we all take some pride in any progress made in our area. I must say, I don’t ever think it’s a bad thing when we see growth here.

One thing I found particularly interesting at both ceremonies was the excitement from those who are closely involved. When I spoke to officials from McDonald’s and R & C Quickstop, they couldn’t be more delighted to have a restaurant in McArthur. Even though some did mention that it’s closer to home or that it makes life easier, the big message of the day from those I spoke with was this is good for the community. In Wilkesville it was the same thing. Wilkesville was in desperate need of a fire station. The one the village was operating out of simply wasn’t doing its job as well as it needed to. It was time for a change. With a lot of hard work and dedication from village and county officials, that change was realized Wednesday. I was glad to be a part of the crowd that watched both of these places officially become a part of the community. I watched both groups cut through the ribbons outside their doors. There is something about cutting the ribbon that makes it all finally become real. I know officials at both places were excited to see the scissors go through the ribbon.

We all have our own set of ribbons in each of our daily lives. I stood there at both places and watched dreams become reality in front of the eyes of those in the communities of McArthur and Wilkesville. But while I was watching their dreams come true, I was also looking at myself. I was considering my own life. I also stand with a ribbon placed around me. I think a lot of us do. Many of us stand with scissors in hand, ready to cut the ribbons off a new chapter in our lives. The difference, at least for me is, I’m not always excited to cut the tape. The people at McDonald’s and Wilkesville know what to expect beyond their ribbon-cutting ceremony. So many of us do not know what is beyond this point. I know I don’t. Still, the only way to move forward is to continue to push forward. We have to cut the ribbon to find out what will come. New steps can be exciting. They can also be scary. I know this, though — progress is a good thing. We can’t let the ribbon hold us back from moving forward. Cut through the tape and step across the plain that you need to cross. The world doesn’t provide only a single adventure. Our lives are filled with adventure. Cut through the tape and make the best of it.  I hope you all find ribbons to cut in your lives in the near future. I also hope that when you get past the ribbon, you’ll be as happy to be on the other side  as some of the people I saw this week.

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